Matter of hope or trust in the days to come in nuclear age

Can you imagine we might live to see the day of a nuclear weapon testing in this century? The unmistakable mushroom cloud engulfing the vast sky and the sense of death permeating in non-stoppable speed. It is to me, unthinkable that any nation would want to commit something so destructive and have that engraved in its history forever.

Therefore, I was extremely pleased to read that:

Iran, facing growing international pressure over its nuclear program, called for more talks with the UN nuclear watchdog on Tuesday and condemned production of atomic weapons as a “great sin.” –  28.02.2012, National Post

Do I believe the words of the Iranian politicians? It’s my wish that they speak their mind and true belief.  I support the peaceful utilization of atomic energy in terms of electricity production. But nuclear bomb as a weapon of mass destruction is condemned unconditionally.


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